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Driven by the mantra of Korean wave's globalization, Habon International is supplying Korea products

according with the needs of customers from around the world as to the best service and quality.

We are supplying huge products monthly to China, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia and the United States 's strong buyer.

Also we are doing B2C Business through famous online site.

And The export contract with South America ,Europe and Southeast Asia region's buyer is already under the way.



Habon International Co.,Ltd. is composed of CEO and professionals.

Management Support Department

Management Support Department is dedicated to financial services and departmental support between B2B transactions.

International Sales Department

International Sales Department works with various buyers overseas to introduce Korea’s excellent products and help customers operate products through collaboration with the community.

E-Commerce  Development Department

E-Commerence Development Department conducts business support and marketing to respond to the online environment.

Distribution Development Department

Support development in a variety of products to increase convenience for B2B business operations.

Sales Department

Sales Department works to create a reasonable distribution structure by discovering various products and visionary brands in Korea.

Logistics Department

Logistics Department establishes a logistics system to ensure smooth imports to various regions to manage product packing and delivery schedules for safe delivery in the region.


Habon International is a global company that exports cosmetics and products unique to Korea.


We are not only supply the products but also operate based on management values that we consider and sympathize with from the perspective of our clients.

Business Brand Model

Habon International has created a distribution, marketing and online business system in line with e-commerce business change to help you work more efficiently.

Competitive & 
Reasonable Price

Easily Apply 
As Wholesaler

Provide Monthly 
Product information

Experienced Human 
Resources Service

EBB site

It means EXPORT B2B.

This is a B2B online ordering system developed by Habon International to conveniently check information on products 

handled by Habon International and to check orders and quotes with simple procedures.


Recognizing the importance of online marketing in line with smartphone popularization and changes in online shopping, 

7HADA is produced as a brand for marketing and multi-brand shopping sites that support SEO marketing, social marketing, and viral marketing in Habon International. 

Full License support

E-commerce content is a strategic key element for sales, and it provides content to Habon International by converting it into 

language and images for e-commerce sale related to exclusive brands. 


-establish a HABON International as corporate company

-Certified by the Business Research Institute of Korea

-Achieve 50 million revenue

-Signed exclusive contract with W.Lab to Taiwan target Management

-Launch the Sistia brand

-G9skin & Berrisom to sign Habon International as Spain Primo official exporter

-Self-ordering system site "EBB" production

-Signed exclusive contract with "romand" to Taiwan target Management

-Authorized as Exclusive Brand Agreement with "Petitfee & Koelf" to Taiwan target 

-Authorized as Exclusive Brand Agreement with "IYOUB" to Russia target

-Authorized as Exclusive Brand Agreement with "SeaNtree" to Taiwan target 

-Authorized as Exclusive Brand Agreement with "About me" to China target

-Authorized as Exclusive Brand Agreement with "Petitfee & Koelf" to Australia,New Zealand target 

-Authorized as Exclusive Brand Agreement with "romand" to Australia,New Zealand target

-Corporate registration in Taiwan branch.

-Established Taiwan overseas branch office

-Established Australia,New Zealand overseas branch office.

-Create a 7HADA brand online shopping mall

HABON International 's Exclusive Brand 

It is a brand that has exclusive contract with Habon International and brand companies, exported to Oceania and Taiwan and has global brand management activities together.

Supply Korean Cosmetics Brands

HABON International supply Korean cosmetic brands from the headqurters directly or from the first distributor so we could

supply the latest product and hand it to the costumers. 

We started supply from the major brand such as ETUDE,3CE,IOPE,INNISFREE,NATURE REPUBLIC and etc.

Then we do supply wide range brands from the small company brands, not only that but we are trying to

source more products with reasonable and competitive price with good quality too.

Partnership with HABON International

HABON International is trying to provide Korean cosmetics and various products at competitive price. 

The partnershio we create with HABON International is a people-friendly partnership that goes beyond business relationships, 

and both buyers and sellers operate as partnerships that bond with eath other rather than with basic transactions.

100% Korean Cosmetic

Genuine Product Exported from Korea

All products are supplied from the headquarter or direct agency.

The product we supplied is 100% genuine and

directly exported from our warehouse.

All products will be carefully inspected by our team before being exported .

If the product has been found not genuine or there is any problem with

the quality then HABON International will take full responsibility.

We able to supply various products

with reasonable & competitive price

HABON International is providing the best wholesale price for

50 brands or more than 20.000 products from Korean cosmetics .

Our sourcing team always ready to search customer

inquiries regarding new brand or product they are looking for.

Business Customer Service

Customer can easily apply as wholesaler through application form in the website.

Leave your inquiries to our website and we will directly reply the message,

your inquiries will be saved in the history.You can directly chat wit us

with messengers such as Site live chat,Line,Skype,and Whatsapp, our staff 

with native speaker(Korean, English, Chinese,Russia) is ready to assist your inquiry anytime.


HABON Brand Trademark /CISTYA Brand Trademark /Export Certificate

Certificate of Trade Member of the Republic of Korea/

Certified by the Korea Institute of Enterprise/Mail-Order Sales Business/ 

member of Korea chamber of commerce & industry/

Certificate member of Korea International Trade Association